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The convergence of artificial intelligence and sports has given rise to intriguing advancements in recent years. Fantasy Football is one such phenomenon that has captivated millions of sports fans worldwide. Platforms like Dream11, powered by cutting-edge AI technology, have transformed how fans interact with the beautiful game.

In this blog article, we will delve into the realm of Dream11 Fantasy Football, studying its core features and how AI has improved the whole user experience.

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What Is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football is an internet game in which players form virtual teams of real football players from various leagues. These players get points depending on their performance in actual matches, and their real-life accomplishments determine the fantasy team’s success. Dream11, one of the most popular fantasy sports platforms, has grown due to its user-friendly UI and AI-powered features.


To play Fantasy Football on Dream11, users must sign up for a fantasy sports mobile application called Dream11. Users must have to make an account and enter their basic information.

Team Creation

Dream11 allows users to create their ideal team by picking players from various positions, including strikers, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers. Each player has a different credit worth, and players must keep within a specific credit limit while constructing their squads. The AI algorithms come into play by offering insightful player information, recent form, and performance analytics, allowing users to make informed player selection judgments.

In-Play Strategy

Dream11’s AI-powered capabilities allow users to modify their fantasy lineups during live matches in real-time. As participants can adjust to the emerging events on the pitch, this adds an element of excitement and strategic thinking. The platform’s AI analyses player performance and recommends substitutions or alterations to improve the overall score of the fantasy squad.

Selecting Captain & Vice-Captain

Every fantasy squad needs a captain and a vice-captain, whose performances are weighted more heavily in terms of points. Dream11’s AI supports users by offering data-driven insights into player form, historical data against certain opponents, and other vital indicators, allowing them to make informed selections when selecting critical leaders for their teams.

fantasy football on dream 11_selecting captain & vice-captain

AI-Generated Leagues

To increase user engagement, Dream11 uses AI to develop bespoke leagues based on user preferences, player popularity, and match importance. These AI-generated leagues allow participants to compete against other fans who share their interests, making the overall experience more immersive and engaging.

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Fantasy Football Rules

Players Combination

Player Type
Minimum Players
Maximum Players

Fantasy Football Points System


Scored By A Striker
Scored By A Mid-Fielder
Scored By A Goalkeeper
Chance Created
Shot On Target
5 Passes Completed


Tackle Won
Interception Won
Saves (GK)
Penalty Saved (GK)
Clean Sheet (GK/DEF Played For +54 Minutes)

Other Points

In Starting 11
Coming As Substitute

Cards, Along With Other Penalties

Yellow Card
Red Card
Own Goal
Goals Conceded (GK/DEF On The Field When The Goal Is Scored)
Penalty Missed

Fantasy Football Dos & Don’ts


Do Your Research: The most crucial thing you can do to improve your chances of winning is this. Before forming your team, research individual statistics, team news, and recent form.

Choose The Right Captain & Vice-Captain: Your captain will receive double points, so pick a player likely to have a big game. If your captain does not participate, your vice-captain will score 1.5x the points; thus, having a competent backup choice is critical.

Create A Balanced Team: Don’t only take your favorite players. Ensure your squad has a good mix of batters, bowlers, and all-rounders.

Be Flexible: In Fantasy Football, things don’t always go as planned. Prepare to make adjustments to your team if necessary, such as if a player is injured or ruled out of the game.


Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket: Don’t only select guys from one team. Spread your risk by selecting players from several teams.

Don’t Follow The Crowd: Just because a well-known player does not guarantee they are the ideal fit for your squad. Conduct your study and select players you believe will perform well.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Taking Risks: Taking a risk can sometimes pay off big time. If you notice a player you believe will have a huge game, don’t be scared to select them.

Don’t Get Discouraged: Don’t give up if you lose a few games. Continue to learn and improve, and you’ll ultimately start winning.

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Fantasy Football on Dream11 exemplifies the ideal marriage of sports, technology, and data analytics. The site has taken football fanaticism to a new level by introducing AI-driven features. Participants can now enjoy the satisfaction of being a virtual team manager, making strategic decisions based on real-time data and analysis. The AI-powered aspects add fun and excitement to the game experience and allow users to immerse themselves in the world of football in previously impossible ways.

So, if you’re a football fan who enjoys tactical thinking and strategizing, Fantasy Football on Dream11 is the ideal place to test your sports management abilities. Join the millions of fans who have already enjoyed this thrilling experience, and may the AI algorithms guide your team to victory!


How Do I Play Fantasy Football On Dream11?

Playing Fantasy Football on Dream11 is simple. To begin, you must create or log into your Dream11 account. After logging in, you can choose an upcoming football match from a list of available fixtures. Use your football expertise and strategic thinking to select an 11-player team while staying within the virtual budget. After the match begins, your chosen players gain points based on their on-field performances, and the final score of your fantasy squad is determined appropriately.

How Are Points Calculated In Fantasy Football On Dream11?

On Dream11, points are granted for various categories, including goals scored, assists, clean sheets, successful tackles, interceptions, and saves (for goalkeepers). Each player’s actions on the field contribute to their fantasy points, which are tallied to calculate your fantasy team’s total score.

Can I Make Changes To My Fantasy Football Team During A Live Match?

Dream11 has a “Live Fantasy” option allowing users to modify their fantasy football teams while watching live matches. Users can utilize this tool to optimize their teams based on player performance and match scenarios.

Are There Any Special Features In Fantasy Football On Dream11?

Dream11 does incorporate extra features to increase the game’s thrill. Participants can name a “Captain” and “Vice-Captain” from their fantasy squad, and these players receive bonus points for their efforts. Furthermore, Dream11 frequently organizes contests with varying entry prices and prize pools, giving players multiple chances to win prizes.

Does AI Play A Role In Fantasy Football On Dream11?

Yes, Dream11 incorporates artificial intelligence to improve the user experience. AI algorithms analyze player data, recent forms, and past performances to provide essential insights and statistics to help users make informed selections when putting together their fantasy football teams.

How Do I Join Contests In Fantasy Football On Dream11?

After building your fantasy football team, you can enter several contests on Dream11. The entrance costs and reward arrangements for these contests vary. Users can enter contests depending on their interests and compete against other participants for intriguing prizes.

Yes, Fantasy Football on Dream11 is allowed in most places because it is a skill-based game. To maintain the security of user data and financial transactions, the platform employs stringent security measures.

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