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In the skill-based game of Fantasy Baseball on Dream11, you assemble a virtual team of actual baseball players and score points based on how they perform in actual games. The highest scoring in both free and paid competitions receive cash awards.

The game of Fantasy Baseball is a fantastic way to enjoy the sport and compete with other participants. It is also entertaining to remain current on MLB news and statistics.

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What Is Fantasy Baseball?

In the game of Fantasy Baseball, users assemble a digital team of actual Major League Baseball (MLB) players. All relevant MLB players are available for the draught, which is how the competitors choose their rosters. Based on how baseball players perform in actual competitions, fantasy points are given out in weekly games. The MLB is normally involved in the game, although other leagues, such as the American collegiate baseball league, or leagues from other nations, like the KBO League, may also be.

On Dream11, Fantasy Baseball is a skill-based game in which you assemble a team of nine players, including a pitcher, three infielders, three outfielders, and two utility players. Any MLB team’s roster of players is available to you. You must choose a captain and vice-captain after assembling your team. The vice-captain will score 1.5 times as many points as they do in the actual game, and the captain will score twice as much.

How To Play Fantasy Baseball?


Click “Create Account” in the Dream11 Apk to begin going. You must enter your name, email address, and password when creating an account to register. You can also be asked for your mobile number and birthdate.

Select A Contest

On Dream11, a range of competitions are offered, each with a separate entry price and prize fund. You must choose your nine-player squad once you’ve decided on a contest.

Choose Your Players

Any MLB player from any team may be selected, but at least one pitcher and one catcher are required. Based on their performance in the real game, each player’s points are determined. Points are awarded to batters for various accomplishments, including runs scored, hits, RBIs, home runs, and stolen bases. Points are awarded to pitchers based on strikeouts, innings pitched, and runs scored.

Choose Your Captain & Vice-Captain

Your team’s captain will receive two times as many points as usual, while the vice captain will receive one and a half times as many. This implies that selecting your captain and vice-captain carefully is crucial.

Start Playing

You will be able to monitor your team’s performance in real-time once you’ve selected them. As the players gather stats from the real games, the points will be updated.

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Contests In Fantasy Baseball

Single-Leg Contests

These contests are the most prevalent ones on Dream11. To win a match, you compete with other players to score the most points possible. The cost to enter single-leg competitions varies according to the value of the prizes.

Multi-Leg Contests

You must create different teams for these competitions, and your teams’ results determine how many points you receive. Multi-leg competitions have greater admission fees than single-leg competitions.

Jackpot Contests

These contests are the most thrilling ones on Dream11. No matter where a winner finishes on the leaderboard, they all split the jackpot contest prize pool. Jackpot competitions also have the highest entry fees.

Head-To-Head Contests

In these competitions, you and another player face off against each other. At the conclusion of the game, the one with the most points wins.

Free Contests

You can win actual cash prizes in these competitions, and entry is completely free. Free contests typically have smaller prize pools than paid contests, though.

Dream11 provides a range of different contests in addition to those of this nature, including:

  • Private Contests
  • Practice Contests
  • Special Contests

Fantasy Baseball Rules

Players Combination

Player Type

Fantasy Baseball Points System


Single (1B)
Double (2B)
Triple (3B)
Home Run (HR)
Runs Batted In (RBI)
Run Scored (R)
Base On Balls (BBH)
Stolen Base (SB)


Inning Pitched (IP)
Strikeout (SO)
Earned Run (ER)
Hit Allowd (H)
Base On Balls (BBHP
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